In an increasingly global economy, international experience for Indiana University MBA candidates comes from hands-on work in the field as much as the classroom. A group of students, led by Dr. Phil Powell, travel to Peru to help local entrepreneurs tackle business challenges using cutting edge business practices. The Kelley MBA GLOBASE initiative provides a unique social enterprise experience by partnering with Peruvian businesses to make a global impact.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Credit for GLOBASE Peru by the Obama Administration

From left to right: Alex Preacher (Deputy Director, Office of South America, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce); Phil Powell; Unknown sidekick - probably a spy from jealous Purdue; Judy Lau (Peru Desk Officer, International Trade Administration); Ana Silva; Roberto Garcia (international business professor at the Kelley School); and Omar Sayan (American Chamber of Commerce in Peru).

The photo above comes from a Monday night reception with conference participants. At that event, Alex and Judy (see above photo) from the Department of Commerce informed us they had discussed GLOBASE in meetings with members of the Peruvian President's cabinet. To the Commerce Department, GLOBASE is the perfect vehicle for U.S. assistance to Peru and the rest of Latin America. Deployment of MBA teams contributes to private sector development in economies still weaning themselves from state enterprises. A focus on small enterprises serves the poorer sectors of the economy in a way direct foreign assistance cannot. Interaction with MBA students also solidifies economic and cultural ties with Peru, a country with whom the U.S. has a free-trade agreement.

Through the week we have met other American Chamber delegations from Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Ecuador. Expression of interest by all in hosting a GLOBASE presence speaks to the public relations power this instructional model brings to Indiana University and the Kelley School. I cease to be amazed by the benefits that GLOBASE demonstrates in so many ways. The MBA office and the rest of the school now move forward to fully capture the power and value of a truly innovative way to deliver global business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and consulting education.

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