In an increasingly global economy, international experience for Indiana University MBA candidates comes from hands-on work in the field as much as the classroom. A group of students, led by Dr. Phil Powell, travel to Peru to help local entrepreneurs tackle business challenges using cutting edge business practices. The Kelley MBA GLOBASE initiative provides a unique social enterprise experience by partnering with Peruvian businesses to make a global impact.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Building Relationships

As I approach the end of my MBA career, one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned at Kelley is the value of relationships. Even before we begin classes, we have opportunities to network with various companies that come to campus to recruit. It is often impossible to get an interview without some type of professional relationship with the recruiter. During my internship at Mead Johnson, I realized quickly that to obtain the information I needed to complete my summer project, I needed to form relationships with my co-workers quickly. This network was invaluable as I sought advice and mentoring over the summer and made my project successful.

During last year's GLOBASE program, we learned that relationships are even more valuable when doing business in Latin America. After teams met their company representatives face to face and were able to sit down at a relaxed three hour lunch, the information people needed to complete their projects flowed much more freely.

Over the past two weeks we have been fortunate to welcome eight Peruvian guests to Bloomington. The objective of this effort was to strengthen relationships. We not only had some great meals and productive meetings with our Peruvian company representatives, but we learned a great deal about Peru and how business is performed there. Additionally, the GLOBASE Leadership Team arranged for our guests to meet with various professors, local businesses and even the Mayor of Bloomington in order to increase their professional network. We are grateful for the time each of our friends took out of their lives to come to Indiana and look forward to building upon the relationships we have created.

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