In an increasingly global economy, international experience for Indiana University MBA candidates comes from hands-on work in the field as much as the classroom. A group of students, led by Dr. Phil Powell, travel to Peru to help local entrepreneurs tackle business challenges using cutting edge business practices. The Kelley MBA GLOBASE initiative provides a unique social enterprise experience by partnering with Peruvian businesses to make a global impact.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Along the Way: Questions?

Ever have those times when the questions just seem to keep mounting and the answers become more elusive? I’m having one of those moments right now as part of the GLOBASE team called, “Metalic.” Team Metalic is excited to be working with a Peruvian metal working company to help them diversify their customer base and improve their sales. The project may be exciting but it’s not easy. We are in the research phase of the project and the team is tackling questions like: where are we going to get all the relevant information on customer buying habits, competitor positioning and industry outlook? More than that, how are we going to find all that information, translate it to English, put it together in cohesive way and extract insights from it in just a couple weeks? How will we balance the Globase project with the equally intensive academy project, preparations for interviews, homework for classes, club responsibilities and keeping up with the most amazing TV show, Lost? I’m honestly not sure how we will do it but I have no doubt that we will.

Time to get back to work!

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