In an increasingly global economy, international experience for Indiana University MBA candidates comes from hands-on work in the field as much as the classroom. A group of students, led by Dr. Phil Powell, travel to Peru to help local entrepreneurs tackle business challenges using cutting edge business practices. The Kelley MBA GLOBASE initiative provides a unique social enterprise experience by partnering with Peruvian businesses to make a global impact.

Monday, March 9, 2009

And Goodnight

We just checked into our hotel. Many thanks to Mike for arranging such a great place to stay. Chris and I ventured into town to find a store and to stock up on water and some snacks. I am intrigued by the mixing of the culture I identify with and that of Peru. On the shelf right next to each other was Famous Amos Cookies (certainly a favorite of mine) and Glope, a chocolate wafer treat. Coca-Cola next to Inca Cola.

Everyone has been really great and very helpful. Special thanks to Ralph, our guide from the airport. He has already shown such pride in his country, I am humbled by the prospect of getting to experience it myself tomorrow.

Exploring and sharing starts to tomorrow but right now, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

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