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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Credit Where Credit Is Due

I just witnessed something that has compelled me to launch a campaign to redefine the word "awesome."

A small group of people have set up a table and are collecting donations here at the airport to help fund cancer and other tragic disease research. I small boy, no taller than my belt, very proudly and with a grim, determined look of satisfaction, put a handful of change in the donation bucket. It made me smile in that way that makes you hopeful in general.

I would like to give that young man a high-five. No longer in my mind is being awesome having the right friends, the best car, the right clothes. Awesome is reaching outside yourself. Giving. Helping when you don't even know the end result of your contribution. It is a little boy trading a few minutes at the arcade to help someone else he will never meet.

Have you been awesome today?

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